Sunday, October 21, 2012

Getting Closer...

I would like to first disclaim, (am I even using that word in the right context?) that this is NOT a complaint. Seriously. And if it sounds like it, I'm sorry.

We are officially trying to buy a house.

And by this, I mean a seller has finally accepted our offer and we are waiting for the appraisal to come back... hopefully a wee bit higher than the price we agreed on.

We're excited and anxious and impatient waiting for the answer to our appraisal so we can move forward in the process on either closing, or starting our search anew.

Like I said, we're excited but also feeling the "Oh crap" effect.

When we were married, so many people were very generous and we were given gifts as well as checks and giftcards. The gifts, we still have, but the money and giftcards we spent in Hawaii furnishing our apartment and when we moved, we were forced to sell everything for much much less than what we got it for. Mormons are cheap, Mormon students are cheaper, and Polynesian Mormon students are cheapest.

We have bedding, we have dishes, we have pots and pans as well as other cooking items. We have a shower curtain and laundry basket, a trash can and a TV. Don't forget the TV, that is very important.
Again, all generously given to us. Except the TV... we bought the TV a bit back for cheap.

This is where the "oh crap" comes in.

Jake and I have established the necessities. Those items that are top priority when it comes to furnishing our love nest and they ain't cheap... even the used or knock-off versions! So forget about the cutesy making-a-house-a-home items for a long time.

Yes, we have savings, but not enough for a washer, a dryer, a vacuum, perhaps a fridge, a bed, a couch, dressers, and a kitchen table.

I'm on the search combing through Craigslist, Sears Outlet, and other sales on line and have been rather surprised at what little they have to offer.

So feel free to visit once we get the keys on whichever house we settle in, but either be prepared to sit on the floor or bring a folding chair.

Ta ta for now, and wish us happy hunting!


  1. I'm super board so I looked a tiny bit and this is way cheap!! Dining table:
    Or you can browse
    Good luck with the house, that's awesome!!

  2. !!! so so so exciting! we are dying to get a house and thinking next summer. i feel ya about the necessities/selling stuff in hawaii for 3 bucks...the apartment we are in now was mostly furnished so we face the same thing. i guess that's where Pinterest/DIY comes in, right??? haha good luck, miss ya!