Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birthday Man.

This year for Jake's birthday we went shark diving with a group of people. We have been wanting to go for a while and so we made it his birthday celebration. That night we went to Dave and Buster's with some friends where we played games and had dinner.

Please ignore the half of my butt cheek... my computer wouldn't let me crop it.

Our group at 6am.
For birthdays we have also started a new tradition here at the Lyle-Hansen residence. The birthday-er gets to choose dinner for their entire birthday week. So for that week we had Jake's favorites.


  1. Cute new blog! And this looks so awesome! It's so great you take record of all the amazing things you get to do so you can look back on them. How fun!

  2. Jacob and Erica have you ever heard of Golf?
    My kids take the word "adventure" and put it on steroids! Yikes kiddos....Glad there was a cage:)
    Nevada Mom