Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pearl Harbor

Please excuse this pictureless post. We forgot the camera!

This weekend, Jake and I went with some friends, Zach and Sarah, to Pearl Harbor. After being here for more than two years, I still had never been! They just got done remodeling the memorial and it was so cool! We went through two museums, watched a video about why Pearl Harbor was attacked and how it affected the United States. It was really cool, they even had real footage of the bombing. Then we took a boat ride out and saw the U.S.S. Arizona, (shout out to the Grand Canyon state) that is underwater and still leaking oil. They said there are even still bodies in the sunken ship. This may sound really grim, but I really wanted one to float up, although I'm sure they are just down to bones now. Jake thinks I'm 'sick and twisted' because I like gory stuff. It's my major, and totally educational. Of course I would like to see what inside the human body really looks like.

But I digress...

 It was so cool! They also had a big wall with names of the people who died. There were not any Lyles, but there were two Hansens. I suggest that you all go see it, which means you'll have to come to Hawaii, which means you'll have to come visit us.

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