Saturday, July 2, 2011


I have had my computer on Craig's List for the past couple of weeks for $150 bucks. I'd had it for about two years and got it when I lived in Arizona, then took it with me to school in Hawaii. The description said EXACTLY....  

Works great! Just needs a new battery or to be plugged into the wall when in use. I don't need this one anymore because I got a new computer. Am selling the power cord and computer.

Then I added a few pictures because I hate it when people do not put up pictures.

Pretty self explanatory, right?

So I get a call one morning from a couple who live in Sun Valley who want to take a look at it for a gift for their grandson. Of course they're from Sun Valley...

(For my non-Nevadan residents, Sun Valley is a "city" made up of mostly trailers)

As I'm talking to the woman on the phone, she's annoyed and laughed when I told her I would meet her half way. 

"Why can't we just come to your house?"

"For privacy reasons...?" Duh.

We met up at the Walmart to make this classy transaction. She and her husband have four teeth.


She had two, and he had two. More like one and a half really.

The lady asks me. "Do you have the discs that came with it?"

"No." Again, Duh. I don't regularly travel with unnecessary crap and who even keeps those anyways?

"What about the literature? Those little booklet things..."

"Nope." Again, why would I bring that with me?

They say they want it but would I take $100 instead because they'll need to go buy a new battery, the CD's, and they booklet. Really? You are going to try and buy new discs and a booklet about the computer? 

I told her that in the description, she would see that I advertised only the computer and power cord and the battery needed to be replaced. Her response....?

"I guess I didn't read that part." 

That PART? It was all that it said.

"Nope. But I'll do $125."

"No. $100."

Freaking white trash rednecks that can't read what, four sentences?!


As I drove away, I was disgusted at myself for being such a pushover! When did this happen? I have never ever shnever been this way. I should have held my price and even walked back to the car calling their bluff because I know they would have shelled out another $25. And even if they didn'tI had two other interested buyers.

Oh well.

Maybe they'll use the extra money to get their teeth fixed.

But probably not...

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