Friday, December 17, 2010

The (old) "man" of the house

Quite often I make fun of Jake... excuse me... JaCOB for being "old". Sometimes it's just because I need to pay him back for something but others because I genuinely do not know about these things that he's reminiscing about.

For example.

A few weeks ago Nicole and Tony picked us up from the airport and they had a conversation about floppy disks the size of plates and a cartoon called Eek the Cat...?

Nicole and I were clueless about these things. We were obviously not born in the 80's.

Tonight I was introduced to Fievel from An American Tail. Jake broke out into song (which is a regular occurrence in our house) that I did not know. Being hopped up on Excedrin Migraine, Pepsi, and quesadillas I quickly Youtubed it and you would not believe the expression of a 5 year old boy that took to his face. His eyes lit up, his mouth gaped open, and he placed his elbows on his knees and face in his hands leaning forward towards the screen in pure enjoyment. I tried to snake a picture but I was laughing way too hard. He was so excited to tell me the background behind the song and the plot to this old cartoon.

And with no further ado...

But if you really want to be entertained watch this fabulous 80's version.

And this is just cause I think he's hot. Whoo!!


  1. First, I loved that movie! Mom let me leave kindergarten early to go see it with some neighbors. Also, there were still floppy disks when you were born. Tell Jake that if he ever wants to sing the "Somewhere out there" song from the movie, Tom and I would be happy to oblige!

  2. "Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight..." An American Tail is CLASSIC!

  3. I gasped when I realized I am now a part of a generation that is considered 'old' to another generation?!!

    The eighties?!!! They were like... yesterday!

  4. I like the 80's video. I think I'll cut my hair like hers. :) haha